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Discover the power of the Notion Template Ultimate Life Planner. Say goodbye to scattered notes and to-do lists. Maximize efficiency and fulfillment with this comprehensive template. Transform your daily routine today!

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Discover the power of the Notion Template Ultimate Life Planner. Say goodbye to scattered notes and to-do lists. Maximize efficiency and fulfillment with this comprehensive template. Transform your daily routine today!

This Notion Template Ultimate Life Planner is here to transform your daily routine into a harmonious symphony of success. With a comprehensive range of primary sections, this powerful template brings together all facets of your life under one virtual roof, allowing you to achieve balance, focus, and fulfillment like never before.

Streamline your tasks, goals, habits, and projects in one centralized hub. Say goodbye to scattered notes and overwhelming to-do lists – our Life Dashboard provides a seamless experience that merges all aspects of your life into a single, harmonious ecosystem.

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Guidance for each section is provided on the main pages to assist you in navigating and maximizing the use of this template. You can also find all the pages included in this template by checking the Index page. The links on the index page are synchronized with each side menu navigation on all the main pages.

📅 Planner:
Seamlessly organize your days, weeks, months, and even years with the Planner section. Stay on top of your schedule and never miss a beat.

🚀 Productivity Hub:
Boost your efficiency with the Productivity section, featuring a Project Manager, Notepad, Tasks Hub, Habit & Routine Tracker, Goal Setting, and Pomodoro Timer—all tailored to supercharge your productivity.

📜 Life Manifesto:
Craft your life's guiding principles and values. Organize your journey through the Life Map, set meaningful Life Goals, draw inspiration from Life Inspirations, and manifest your dreams in the Life Manifestations.

🧘 Self-Care Retreat:
Unwind and focus on self-care with the Self-care section. Keep a journal, jot down Daily Affirmations, express gratitude in your Daily Gratitude Log, and track life manifestations, along with monitoring skincare, hydration, sleep, and dreams to nurture your well-being.

⚕️ Medical Planner:
Prioritize your well-being with the Medical Planner section. Manage medical appointments, medications, and even track your cycle effortlessly.

💪 Fitness Studio:
Achieve your fitness goals with the Fitness section, offering a workout plan, progress tracking (with photos, weight, steps, and measurements), a library of workout videos, and tools for setting and achieving your fitness goals. Stay motivated with fitness inspiration every step of the way.

🍲 Meal Planner:
Embrace healthier eating habits using the Meal Planner. Plan your weekly meals, maintain a recipe book, watch cooking videos, and manage pantry inventory with ease.

🏡 Household:
Keep your home in top shape and turn your vision into reality! This section includes your personal CRM, cleaning tracker, paint tracker, and home vision board to help you manage household tasks and transform your living space.

🎬 Entertainment:
Dive into the world of movies, TV shows, and books! This section boasts a Movies & TV tracker and a Bookshelf tracker to help you curate your entertainment experiences with ease.

💰 Finance Manager:
Take control of your finances with the Finance section. Get an overview of your monthly income and expenses, and track subscriptions effectively.

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What are the differences between the Life Planners?


  • Dashboard
  • Planner
  • Productivity Hub
  • Life Manifesto
  • Self-Care Retreat
  • Medical Planner
  • Fitness Studio
  • Meal Planner
  • Household
  • Entertainment
  • Finance


Everything in the Ultimate Life Planner, plus:

  • House & Renovation Planner
  • Entertainment Zone
  • Travel Dashboard
  • Home Hub
  • Family Center
  • Academic Center
  • Medical Profiles, Family Profiles
  • Fitness - Exercise Library, Muscle Groups, Trainers
  • Meal Planner - Cooking Videos, Kitchen Materials

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👩‍💻 Built by a UX Specialist: My specialization lies in crafting intuitive user experiences, and I take pride in simplifying complex interfaces to ensure seamless navigation.

🗺️ Intuitive Navigation: With breadcrumb and side menu navigation on all main pages you can quickly find what you need and stay organized.

🎨 Aesthetically Pleasing: Our soft pink and brown aesthetic boho theme is visually calming, featuring customized icons and original art cover images that perfectly complement the overall design.

📅 Up-to-date Templates: Our templates are continuously updated to ensure you have access to the latest tools and functionalities offered by Notion.

✏️ Customizable Design: You have the freedom to personalize the entire design to your liking, making it truly your own.

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✨ Coordinate the template with over 300 dividers in 6 color schemes and fancy text dividers, adding an aesthetic touch to your organization.

📋 Copy and paste coordinated section templates for easy customization and seamless integration of new content.

📄 Utilize page templates for new pages, streamlining your workflow and saving time in setting up various sections.

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This is exclusively compatible with Notion app and Notion.So (website). You can create a free account with Notion and duplicate the template to your dashboard! The entire process will require less than 5 minutes of your time.

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