Hi there! I’m Shea



From digital design, to home improvement DIYs, to crafts, cocktails, websites, and everything in between, I love to be creative. I was inspired to start creating digital planners when I was drafting DIY project plans in notebooks but constantly misplaced them. However I never misplace my iPad. So it made total sense to create a digital project planner for myself. My friends and family are always telling me I should make a business out of these things I do, so I finally decided to do just that!

How it all began

Do you know the story behind my business name?

I asked my family for help brainstorming a name when I decided to start this business, and my stepdaughters threw this one out there….they have been calling me “Runaway Shea” since they were little!

The reason is that when we go anywhere together as a family, I tend to wonder off on my own, and they all have to come find me, hence the nickname “RunawayShea” came about. It’s sentimental, quirky, and fun! It was perfect. I think it fits my business because I always get ideas and just “runaway” with them!


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